How to Get Rid of Refrigerator Smell

Do you have a bad refrigerator smell or have tried various ways but the results are still the same? I think it’s a common thing and many people have experienced this problem. So take a look for simple way how to to get rid of refrigerator smell, here you go…

Every time you open the refrigerator door, you will definitely experience a mixed smell of various foods in it.

Tried cleaning the refrigerator, removing food that has a strong smell. so what should we do?

Don’t worry, here are only 4 easy ingredients you can find to get rid of your fridge

How to Get Rid of Refrigerator Smell
How to Get Rid of Refrigerator Smell

4 Ways to Remove The Smell

Experiencing things that make you uncomfortable because of the stink of the fridge due to storing food that has a strong odor or for too long, this is an easy solution to overcome it.

1. Coffee Powder

In the first way with coffee grounds. The method is very easy, pour the coffee grounds into an open container, then put it in the refrigerator overnight. The coffee grounds will absorb the unpleasant odors in the refrigerator.

2. Potatoes

The second way, prepare 1 potato, then cut it into 5 or 6 parts and put it in an open container. Apart from coffee, potatoes can also absorb a pungent of stink. If you have many ingredients in your fridge, you can use many potatoes there, but make sure you put in every corner. It can easier to remove the smell.

3. Lemon

Lemon fruit, which can help refresh and ward off bad odors, Lemon does have many benefits in the content in it. Prepare the lemon then slice the lemon into several pieces, and you can put it in an open container and store it in your refrigerator.

4. Baking Soda and Vinegar

The last way is to pour baking soda or vinegar into a glass, then put it in the refrigerator for a few hours 2-5 hours. Because baking soda and vinegar have properties that can eliminate bad odors. When the unpleasant stink is gone, immediately get rid of the baking soda and vinegar so it can’t spill and contaminate the food in the refrigerator.

It’s perfectly normal to put food back that can be eaten again, but be aware that food has a strong odor when it’s been in the fridge for a long time, or even look for foods that contain gas that can give off a bad smell, So you can use a closed container to store it, so that the refrigerator in addition to looking neat, clean and also reduces the presence of bad odors in it when opened.

You can also make the space in the refrigerator bigger if you use a container, and it’s easier to find what you need. So this is the sign you have to organize your fridge and make a good smell on it.

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